Giant Mech wars. Robot battles on distant worlds!


Available as a FREE download on the Apple Store for iPhone & iPad.


SALVAGE ROBOT is a Free to play action packed sci-fi multiplayer or solo Mech Warfare game currently available on the Apple App Store and coming soon to PC.

Fight for valuable salvage upon deep space battlefields. Wreck your enemies on the deadly frontier and improve your salvage robot to be the ultimate killing machine!

Why not stake your claim while hunting for valuable caches amidst the ruins of an ancient alien civilisation?

Go forth and destroy the competition! Fight hard in fierce multiplayer arenas or go solo in head to head war against merciless salvage raiders and ancient guardians that protect the loot. Gather resources to improve your salvage robot with an extensive array of heavy weapons, cool power ups, awesome skins and more.

– Over 30 weapon types, including beam weapons, Heavy Cannons, Missiles, Energy Weapons, Ordnance and more!
– 6 Awesome Salvage Rigs to choose from, either Light, Medium or Heavy,each with their own unique powers and combinations, with more on the way.
-Invite your friends easily to play multiplayer death match or just go solo.
– A wide range of themed skins available for each Salvage Rig. Play with your favorite skin! Bounty Hunter, Spare Parts, War Master & many more.
– 15 Battle upgrades available to enhance your perfomance on the field. Including Heavy armour, Ammo upgrades, Speed Bonuses, Power Core Detectors and others. Upgrade to suit your play style.
– Conquer your enemies by either capturing the Salvage Beacon, or wrecking all opposition. Fight for salvage caches so you can upgrade and dominate the battlefield.
– Play against your friends! Just tell them to fire up Salvage Robot and then ‘launch mission’ when prompted. Easy!

Get salvage. Wreck the opposition!

Supports Game Center achievements.

Play over 3G/4G cellular or WiFi. (Needs WiFi for initial download).
Requires a fast, stable internet connection.

Compatible with iPhone 5 or above and iPad 3 or above.
Works with iOS 7 or higher.

Not compatible with iPhone 4 or earlier / iPad 2 or earlier.

Giant Mech Warfare

Salvage Robot Upgrades








Mech Warrior style gameplayCool war robots!







Sci Fi game action!

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