Insects Galore! A new game called Hive Quest!

So I was chilling out in the garden this summer with a brewski and became fascinated by the diverse and busy lives of the creatures & plants inhabiting my (very overgrown) lawn.

To those little creatures it must be like a dense and dangerous jungle out there. If you or I were shrunk down and had to survive we probably wouldn’t last 5 minutes, right? Some hairy monster with incredibly long legs would probably come along & bite our heads clean off or something.

I spent some time visualising what life might be like for a bug and found the inspiration for a cool new PC game.

Now, I know insect and hive games have been done before but what I’m trying to do here is something a little different. By combining magic, mystery & puzzles along with a strong narrated storyline I want Hive Quest to be exactly that – a quest where you , the ‘Hive Mind’, embark your beleaguered tribe on an adventure to find the mythical ‘Sunny Uplands’, a heavenly location known only in folklore and passed down from one generation to the next.

Players will spend their time advancing through several dangerous locations and warring against other hives. Behind all this, the ultimate bad guy will reveal himself – Mandrake – the nastiest, biggest Hive Mind of them all. This guy will provide plenty of motivation for players to try and defeat him.

Along the way you will have help and advice from the two primary deities of the bug world, who also provide spells and some comic relief.

Right now I’m at the stage of finalising the interaction between two warring hives and have a lot more planned for the very near future as I am currently working full time on this project.

I’ll try to get a narrated video posted up shortly that details the game play, and I hope you like the screen shots I’ve posted. In the meantime, please post a comment, tell me if you like or hate the idea or feel free to ask any questions.

All the best

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