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So what’s Hive Quest all about? It’s an immersive realtime strategy game world set in a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures & intriguing puzzles. As the Hive Mind you embark upon a dangerous and sometimes dark journey to find safety for your insect tribe. Inspired by folklore & fairy legend, LionHead Studios original 2001 PC classic ‘Black & White’ and the artwork of fairy artists like Brian Froud, Hive Quest is a trip into a whimsical world that is intended to delight and entertain.

So what’s been going on since the last update? Quite a bit actually. This little fella for a start.

He’s the first in a bunch of woodland sprites that can be tamed who will help your Hive grow by finding stuff in odd places. Not just any old stuff but useful bits and bobs like spell components and crafting items that can be used to make animated minions (among other things).

If you encounter another sprite that belongs to an enemy hive these guys will also fight each other using special attacks.

GloopShroom Gloop – tastes like crap but great for building stuff

I’ve also been improving the movement of the hive drones as they gather resources (food & gloop) to make them more natural (see abovesville).
Other stuffs either complete or in progress –
– Puzzles of varying description
– Wierdness
– Flying fish
– Spiders
– Spells that will boost your hive drones in battle, or create food and gloop when you most need it
– Witch charms and arcane lore found only in secret places

MOre laters – 😀

Thanks for visiting – More later!  Rod  @RodatGHG

Oh shit..not spidaaahhs!

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2 Responses to Creatures & crazy stuff

  1. oracle12 says:

    Your work is quite interesting but it also seems very different from the original black & white game by lionhead studios. I like what I am seeing but can you tell more about how things work with gameplay?

    • SolarSurfer says:

      Players of Hive Quest will find themselves in the role of the ‘Hive Mind’ –
      an omnipresent entity in charge of micro-managing the growth of an insect colony.
      Laying eggs, building new hive sections, managing resources and exploring a mysterious woodland filled with magic and oddity are important elements of gameplay. Insect colonies can go to war too. Players also acquire a special creature that assists by collecting spell components and uncovering secrets around the map that may open up new areas or upgrades.
      The gameplay is designed with RTS & exploration in mind, along with a large dollop of craziness & humour.
      Hope that helps to paint a picture 😀