The Quest for Hive Quest!

Things have been pretty intense since the last post – the Old Orchard has been growing, steadily spreading its gamedev roots through the Hive Quest world. Sometimes it even feels like the project might have a life of its own, when, after a lot of thought and meditation, a slew of elements are created and they somehow, amazingly, fit together nicely.

Then, the sudden realisation hits, like the slap of wet haddock across the face – ‘I haven’t done a blog post for flippin’ ages!’

Shut Up and tell us what’s happening!

Ok, ok – I’m working up to it.

First off, you’ve all heard of ‘Urban Decay’, right? Well I began investigating stuff about ‘Rural Decay’ instead to shed light on new game play areas. A fun and totally cool research session came up with the inspiration to design the following scenery. These new additions to the game present some great opportunities to explore and discover strange mysteries and, likely, some unknown weirdness & danger.

Rural decay – lovin’ the way old stuff looks..

Uh oh!

And then there’s this guy. A new villain (every story needs a few) – Erwin the bug exterminator. Look after your Hive folks or he might receive a phone call you really don’t want him to answer!

Don’t do it Erwin! Nooooo!

Oh, yes! And then there’s the new caterpillars – lots of little wriggly playmates that also double as a great, (non fattening) food source. Awww…cute, (but make terrible sushi). After working on these critters, I have a new found appreciation for how cool they are. Some of these insects have up to 16 legs! This fact blew my tiny insect brain right out my spiracle. (Though the extra legs are more like ‘not really legs’ according to my massively extensive research……..(wikipedia) )

Opening up new vistas!

Caterpillar at full sprint

Oo…oo (chimpy noises) and there’s this creature too! – its name is ‘Yuna’ – a mysterious guide that will help the player out here and there with valuable advice. It is a servant/ pet to a higher power and is also an important figure in the story line (but more on that…..later).

What a very odd little fella!

Yuna the Guide in Unity

So there it is for now. There are a bunch of other things that have been done to improve Hive Quest that haven’t been mentioned here – such as the AI for the Shrublet, and various shaders for lighting, but that is a rabbit hole I won’t go down right now. The last thing I’ll leave you with is a shot of the Shrublet looking very pleased with himself for learning how to create a food spell ball.

Thanks for getting this far! More #indiegame dev news on its way 🙂

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