Hive Quest – October Game Dev Update

Building Hive houses…at night…

Hello Everyone,

First of all I just want to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has been supporting the development of Hive Quest so far. It really means everything to know there are folk out there who are enthusiastic about the game 🙂

Hive Quest is becoming an unusual mix – based around real time strategy with a strongly defined narrative that constantly provides the player with new goals, options, changes of pace and some very odd “What the heck?!” moments. Throw in a bunch of unique puzzles and a hand designed landscape it’s becoming quite the smorgasbord (read: lots of cool stuff). Here’s a few tasty, low calorie screenshots from some of the latest game dev work…

The pet Shrublet contemplates its navel…

With lots of exploring to do, the player can mind control any one of the Hive’s drones and buzz off to see what they can find. But it’s not all fun & games, there’s a dangerous world out there with many things lying in wait that might kill or even capture the little creatures living in the Old Orchard.

ooooh…look at that….

Nooo…the old witch has captured a faerie!

During the epic journey to find your Tribe a new home the player will encounter a wide array of strange friends, like Yuna the Guide, sent to help the player find their way thru the woods, or the excitable Gnome (err…what?) the snail rider clan and a host of others.

The builder and little friend

Yuna the guide chilling out

There’ll probably be a kickstarter / crowd fund-ey thing in there too somewhere…

But not without your support, good vibes and general super awesome input so GET BUSY PEOPLE!

Until next time, take care and have a scary Halloween! Wooooo….


Find me, the slightly unhinged Solo dev behind the magical world of Hive Quest at these places:

Twitter- @RodatGHG

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