So, what’s Hive Quest all about then, hmm?? 

Hive Quest is an upcoming real time strategy, mystery & puzzle game drawing from areas of folklore that evoke the magic and mystery of the deep forgotten woodlands.

Playing as the ‘Hive Mind’, you will guide your tribe on a hazardous adventure through the undergrowth and encounter many strange creatures and other Hives, most of which are outright unfriendly. After a terrible cataclysm you must re-establish your Hive’s fortunes and seek out the mythical ‘Sunny Uplands’ – a place remembered now only in myth and tales.

It’s going to launch on Windows & Mac at some point.

  • Guide your embattled tribe on a quest to find fortune, glory and a new home.
  • Interact with a wide variety of crazy puzzles and strange goings on as you try to make sense of it all.
  • Explore the mysteries of the Deep Woods and uncover new allies and enemies.
  • Battle against other hives to maintain control of your territory.
  • Manage resources and build your Hive into a powerful kingdom, filled with hard working drones.
  • Take mind control of your drones and send them into enemy/ unknown territory on dangerous missions.
  • Launch attacks on enemy Hives & dangerous creatures that stand in your way.
  • Obtain woodland elementals as pets and upgrade them so they can fight and do your bidding.

Can I follow development progress somewhere??

Yep, you can find out more (and most often) on TwitterFacebook , IndieDB and there are regular(ish) updates on the DevBlog.

Do you have a press pack?

Yes – you can find it here. If you’re writing for a publication and need some more options for screenshots or videos, contact me and I’ll get you what you need.
Also, if you have a following and would like to do an interview then please reach out – I don’t bite, can hold a conversation (most of the time) and sometimes do voice overs for my cat.