Hive Quest – October Game Dev Update

Hello Everyone,

First of all I just want to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has been supporting the development of Hive Quest so far. It really means everything to know there are folk out there who are enthusiastic about the game ūüôā

Hive Quest is becoming an unusual mix – based around real time strategy with a strongly defined narrative that constantly provides the player with new goals, options, changes of pace and some very odd “What the heck?!” moments. Throw in a bunch of unique puzzles and a hand designed landscape it’s becoming quite the smorgasbord (read: lots of cool stuff). Here’s a few tasty, low calorie screenshots from some of the latest game dev work…

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Recent shenanigans

OK, got some new pics to share along with the odd gif. This is all new gubbins that I’ve added to the game over the past few weeks. There’s always stuff I can’t show right now ‘cos it’s still under development, like the Giant, or new butterflies, or details of some of the puzzle ‘quests’ (that’d be a spoiler right?), or how the new tutorial stage works during game play (gotta make a game dev video shortly for that).

First up, Nora the Hedge Witch Рa horrid old lady that combs the hedgerows for … Continue Reading

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The Quest for Hive Quest!

Things have been pretty intense since the last post – the Old Orchard has been growing, steadily spreading its gamedev roots through the Hive Quest world. Sometimes it even feels like the project might have a life of its own, when, after a lot of thought and meditation, a slew of elements are created and they somehow, amazingly, fit together nicely.

Then, the sudden realisation hits, like the slap of wet haddock across the face – ‘I haven’t done a blog post for flippin’ ages!’

Shut Up and tell us what’s happening!

Ok, ok – I’m working up to it.

First off, you’ve all heard of ‘Urban Decay’, right? Well I began investigating stuff about ‘Rural Decay’ instead to shed ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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Spring News Update

Hi folks! A whole bunch of new stuff has now been added to Hive Quest since the last update. Things really are coming together with the completion of the following game mechanics (see¬†screenshots for each of these in this post) –

  • ¬†– Bug battles – swift and deadly skirmishes that flow smoothly
  • ¬†– The¬†Entling now has to be cared for and fed, or he will begin to get sad and become ill
  • ¬†– New puzzles, environments & denizens of the wild woods, like the snail rider clan
  • ¬†– Improved hive building, with a ‚Ķ Continue Reading
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Creatures & crazy stuff

So what’s Hive Quest all about? It’s an immersive¬†realtime strategy game world set in a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures & intriguing puzzles. As the Hive Mind you embark upon a¬†dangerous and sometimes dark journey to find safety for¬†your insect tribe. Inspired by folklore & fairy legend, LionHead Studios original¬†2001¬†PC classic¬†‘Black & White’¬†and the artwork of fairy artists like¬†Brian Froud, Hive Quest is a trip into a whimsical world that is intended to delight and entertain.

So what’s been going on since the last update? Quite a bit actually. This little fella for a start.

He’s the ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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Hive Quest progress

So, as visitors to this page in its previous incarnation may have realised by now, I am quite a terrible blogger. Yup, couldn’t blog my way out of a paper bag, I admit, and it’s been that way for a while.
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However, I have resolved to get better if at all possible. I mean, I flippin’ have to. If the message is going to get out there about what I’m trying to do …like, here, with Hive Quest and stuff, I need to learn how to communicate and show what’s going on. I really don’t want to find myself scratching my head one ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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Insects Galore! A new game called Hive Quest!

So I was chilling out in the garden this summer with a brewski and became fascinated by the diverse and busy lives of the creatures & plants inhabiting my (very overgrown) lawn.

To those little creatures it must be like a dense and dangerous jungle out there. If you or I were shrunk down and had to survive we probably wouldn’t last 5 minutes, right? Some hairy monster with incredibly long legs would probably come along & bite our heads clean off or something.

I spent some time visualising what life might be like for a … Continue Reading

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