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Developer: Rod Tyson alias Golden Heart Games
Developing Hive Quest since late 2017
Location : Suffolk, United Kingdom
Platform : PC, Linux (Mac at some point) 

Twitter : @RodatGHG
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Hive Quest is an immersive real time strategy trip set in a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures & intriguing puzzles. As the Hive Mind you will embark upon a dangerous journey to find safety for your insect tribe. Explore mysterious locations with the help of your pet, meet a host of interesting characters, find allies, uncover the story behind the Old Orchard and fight against other hives. Do you have what it takes to survive?

  • – Guide your embattled tribe on a quest to find fortune, glory and a new home.
  • – Interact with a wide variety of crazy puzzles and strange goings on as you try to make sense of it all.
  • – Explore the mysteries of the Deep Woods and uncover new allies and enemies.
  • – Battle against other hives to maintain control of your territory.
  • – Manage resources and build your Hive into a powerful kingdom, filled with hard working drones.
  • – Take mind control of your drones and send them into enemy/ unknown territory on dangerous missions.
  • – Launch attacks on enemy Hives & dangerous creatures that stand in your way.
  • – Obtain woodland elementals as pets and upgrade them so they can fight and do your bidding.





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