Developer : Rod Tyson (Solo Indie Dev)
Location : United Kingdom
Platform : PC & Mac
Release Date : Sometime 2019
Twitter : @RodatGHG
IndieDB : Facebook
Hive Quest is an immersive real time strategy game set in a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures & intriguing puzzles. As the Hive Mind you will embark upon a dangerous journey to find safety for your insect tribe. Explore mysterious locations with the help of your pet Shrublet, find allies, uncover the story behind the Old Orchard and fight against other hives. Do you have what it takes to survive?


  • – Guide your embattled tribe on a quest to find fortune, glory and a new home.
  • – Interact with a wide variety of crazy puzzles and strange goings on as you try to make sense of it all.
  • – Explore the mysteries of the Deep Woods and uncover new allies and enemies.
  • – Battle against other hives to maintain control of your territory.
  • – Manage resources and build your Hive into a powerful kingdom, filled with hard working drones.
  • – Take mind control of your drones and send them into enemy/ unknown territory on dangerous missions.
  • – Launch attacks on enemy Hives & dangerous creatures that stand in your way.
  • – Obtain woodland elementals as pets and upgrade them so they can fight and do your bidding.

Who’s making this game? 

Rod is a solo indie developer – Writer & game designer, 3D asset creator, Artist, programmer and indie game marketer.

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