Recent shenanigans

OK, got some new pics to share along with the odd gif. This is all new gubbins that I’ve added to the game over the past few weeks. There’s always stuff I can’t show right now ‘cos it’s still under development, like the Giant, or new butterflies, or details of some of the puzzle ‘quests’ (that’d be a spoiler right?), or how the new tutorial stage works during game play (gotta make a game dev video shortly for that).

First up, Nora the Hedge Witch – a horrid old lady that combs the hedgerows for magical creatures and oddities to add to her grim collection of fey things.


Also, meet the snail rider clan – work on these little folk has been going on for a while – but here’s a few shots of their more recent activities.

Cargo Snail design in Blender

What mischief will this lot get up to I wonder?

Lots of other stuff to mention – I’ll stick to screenshots for now as a picture tells a thousand words. Aphids, hives, hand made terrain, bug vision….the list goes on…

Aphid farm – a nutritious source of green protein

Bug Vision – never get lost in the woods again!

The Blue Frenemy Hive

OK – my head is spinning now – did I forget anything? Well, if so I’ll get it in next time – dont forget you can catch up with regular teensy updates with my posts on Twitter at –  @RodatGHG

See you out there!  Woot!

The Queen’s journey

Spring News Update

Hi folks! A whole bunch of new stuff has now been added to Hive Quest since the last update. Things really are coming together with the completion of the following game mechanics (see screenshots for each of these in this post) –

  •  – Bug battles – swift and deadly skirmishes that flow smoothly
  •  – The Entling now has to be cared for and fed, or he will begin to get sad and become ill
  •  – New puzzles, environments & denizens of the wild woods, like the snail rider clan
  •  – Improved hive building, with a builder drone tasked specifically for expanding the hive

During the game development process there is often a balance between creative flare, which is where all the crazy ideas come from, and the limitations imposed by my level of coding skill and the game engine itself.

That creative flare is needed for things to look as super awesome as possible. Without it, it’s a bit like Batman running around without the cape. But this is all tempered by the regular reality checks involved in making something that plays well and makes a fun experience. Along with the need to stick to deadlines, this creates a workflow that wobbles erratically between ‘Oh..that’s a great idea, gotta add that!’ to ‘That’s never going to work, it’ll take forever, and there’s this to do too…and that…and that other bit too <sigh>’.

So right now the cycle is –

Creative surge ->   GameEngine/Time reality check ->   Creative surge ->    Game engine / reality check

and so on…

However,  this as a good thing. As a solo game dev you need to have these board meetings with the rest of your team, even if it leaves you feeling like a crazy person talking to themselves (which is exactly what’s happening). This is where things get done – the melting pot of cool stuff. The raw, creative energy that forges new ideas.

Anyway, enough about all that – here’s those screen shots!

Bug fight!


Builder Drone hard at work

Snail rider family, along with snails